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Floating cabin Kurupira Victoria Regia blossom - Monkey Island - Puerto Nariño (Colombia) - Fantasy Island - Yavari river - Natural Reserve Sacambu

Kurupira floating hut is a small floating hotel located in the Amazon river 10 minutes outside of Leticia.

The hotel is built with fine wood in an autochthonous way, its surroundings allow you to observe dolphins, cool off with the breeze of the Amazon, enjoy starry nights, feel the perfumes and wild sounds.

5 Day 4 Night Package

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Floating cabin Kurupira Victoria Regia blossom - Monkey Island - Puerto Nariño (Colombia) - Fantasy Island - Yavari river - Natural Reserve Sacambu

DAY 01

* Transfer to the river port of Leticia.
* Board the bat to sail for 5 minutes on the Amazon River until reaching the floating cabin Kurupira.
* Lunch.
* Hike in Fantasy Island to know the native surroundings.
* Dinner and lodging.
* Optional: Nocturnal outing for animal-spotting (including Caymans).

DAY 02

Monkey Island, Puerto Nariño, Macedonian indigenous community and Tarapoto Lakes.

* Monkey Island, Puerto Nariño, Tarapoto Lakes.
* Breakfast at floating cabin Kurupira.
* Visit to Monkey Island, sailing approximately an hour and a half on the Amazon River. Visit to the native
indigenous village of Macedonia.
* Lunch in the town of Puerto Nariño. Stroll around the town. Visit the Tarapoto Lakes to possibly spot pink
* Optional: visit to the Natutama Museum and the Observation Tower (Natutama entrance fee= $5.000
Colombian Pesos per person, Observation Tower entrance fee $2.000 Colombian Pesos per person. Average e
xchange rate: $1.800 to the US Dollar)
* In the afternoon, return to floating cabin Kurupira
* Supper and lodging at Floating cabin kurupira

DAY 03

* A day spent at Marasha.
* Early in the morning after breakfast, a boat outing of about 40 minutes on the Amazon River heading towards
the nature reserve Marasha in Peru.
* An approximately hour-long walk to reach Marasha. Activities available at Marasha, such as fishing, rowing
native canoes, animal watching and walks in the jungle.
* Optional activity: Canopying (Not included in the price.)
* Around 4 p.m., return to the boat by way of an hour-long stroll in order to return to Floating cabin Kurupira. *
* On the river, dolphin spotting may be possible.
* Lodging at floating cabin Kurupira, and supper.

DAY 04

Peru, Yavari River, Sacambu and Benjamin Constant

Departure: 7:30am – Return 5:00pm
In this day trip people get know a bit of the Peruvian and Brazilian jungle and communities, it visits the next places:
* Benjamin Constant (Brazil) – City tour
* Islandia (Peru) – Small Peruvian town built on steels, it means that all the house are higher than the normal
land to prevent flooding, and they are all connected through bridges – Venice in the Amazon - .
* Navigation on the Yavary river (tributary of the Amazon) to get to the Sacambu lakes.
* Traditional fishing and canoeing in the Sacambu lakes
* Lunch
* Visit to La Aldea, here is possible to see some woolly, spider and howler monkeys living in its environment
and also, it possible to see a couple of lakes with Pirarucu (the biggest fish of sweet waters)
* Return to Leticia to the House Tree.
* Jungle night walking

Note: When is high water season (February to March) is possible to cross flooding jungle to come back to Leticia. Lodging at the House Tree.

DAY 05


* After breakfast, return to Leticia
* Free time to visit or buy crafts in Leticia
* Transfer to the airport


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