Matis Natives

The Floating cabin Kurupira Nature Reserve Heliconia Matis Natives


Kurupira floating hut is a small floating hotel located in the Amazon river 10 minutes outside of Leticia.
The hotel is built with fine wood in an autochthonous way, its surroundings allow you to observe dolphins, cool off

Heliconia Nature Reserve

*In the Heliconia reservation we do not have a telephone signal , we have internet, we do not have television or radio. Only nature.
Heliconia reserve is located in the Amazonian trapeze, on the outskirts of Leticia, on the Yavari River that exerts the border between Brazil and Peru. There you will find tranquility, silence, sounds of the jungle, exotic smells, stars in the water, magical sunsets, pure oxygen and other delicacies of the jungle.

Matis Natives

Mayoruna or Matses Natives

They inhabit the middle cause of the Yavarí River and the high Jaquirana River , its tribe is 640 People Approximately , it is characterized by the uniqueness of its clothing that is based on the temporary implantation of the thin and long spikes in established places of the body that will then erect with muscular movements at the rate of representing an excited wild boar , as a defense and hunting mechanism use carved lances of a single trunk , bow and arrows worked in joints to join with interlocking vegetable glue and ties.

Matis Natives

They are located in the region of the middle cause of the Ituí River . 178 People Approximately , known as the famous cat men , their clothing simulates the most feared and sacred of the felines of these jungles , "THE GREAT JAGUAR". Spikes temporarily embedded in the face , large shells in the ears and teeth of agouti between the nostrils , represent the relationship they claim to have with the king of the Amazon world.

The Floating cabin Kurupira - Nature Reserve Heliconia - Matis Natives

Day one

*Reception at the Vásquez Cobo Airport in the city of Leticia. Procedures before the Migration and the federal.
*Transfer to the jetty of the town to board the boat that will lead us to the Kurupira floating cabin
*Lunch and talk to prepare the trip .
*Dinner and rest

Day two

*In the morning , after breakfast we will take a tour of the River to the Heliconia reserve of approximately three and a half hours , during which we will sail over the majestic Amazon River and then through one of its largest and most important tributary in the area “ The Yavarí River that exerts a natural border between Brazil and Peru
*During our tour, in addition to delighting with the riverside landscape , we will pass through the authentic and unique Amazonian populations that still retain the vestiges of what was the period of the great colonization and rubber exploitation , combined with the most paradisiacal
places and the appreciation of Animal species of exotic beauty such as the famous Amazonian freshwater dolphins (Pink or Gray), the fluttering of the colorful Macaws , Herons , Kingfishers , Eagles , butterflies and many other surprises that you can only live visiting this magical world with us .
*We will arrive at the Eco hotel and after having a delicious lunch I meet with the indigenous people to socialize with them and talk about the next days where they will live different experiences-

Third day to the Eighth The

The Matis Indians will travel by canoe for 4 days until they reach the Heliconia Reserve. In the
jungle , the Matis Indians will make a camp where you will spend the next days with them to see
them in their activities and interact with them

* You can return at any time to the cabins of the Heliconia reserve to bathe, rest or sleep.

Activities with the indigenous

*Trekking in the jungle and hunting with blowguns
*The natives use long blowguns to hunt.
*Matis traps and fishing
*Traps are placed in the jungle to hunt mammals and to protect the camp from human invaders Fishing is done with bow and arrows and with the Barbasco toxic plant for fish Medicinal plants .
*Search in the jungle for medicinal plants that the indigenous use.

Buchute , Ant and Curare

Exit to the jungle to look for a plant called Buchute in the dialect of the natives . This plant is used by them to dilate the pupils and thus see better at the time of hunting . You have to remove the roots of the tree and scrape its bark , then mix it with water and apply a few drops . The drops cause pain and burning . It is not easy to find this plant The Curare is a vine. The bark must be extracted and boiled in
water for several hours . Then the mace is used in the blowgun darts to be able to hunt monkeys and birds . Tachiua ants are wild and warrior . The activity consists of looking for a nest and putting hands. Only few manage to endure the pain

Temporary Huito tattoos and permanent tattoos

The temporary tattoo is made of the fruit called huito. The fruit is scraped and the liquid is used to paint the body. Tattoo duration up to 10 days . For the fixed tattoo you must get Copal tree resin in the jungle . The Tisne is removed and then with the thorns of the Chontaduro tree the skin is pierced-

Matis history

At night he feels to listen to the history of the natives . They drink a liquid extracted from a liana called Tachit . This bush gives them good energy and inspires them for stories . The first sip of liquid is bitter , the third is already sweet-

Craft work with clay

With clay found in the jungle, mascara and crockery are prepared.

Kampoo Frog Ritual

At night you have to look for the poison frog that lives in trees. You have to extract the poison from the frog. Then the skin is burned with a vine and the poison is placed on the burned skin. The reaction causes chills, vomiting, dizziness and tachycardia.

The natives use it as an initiation ritual to be good hunters.

Mariwin Ritual

An adult puts on a mask is painted with charcoal and tied with fern leaves. Whips are given with the bush that produce pain. This ritual is to take away laziness and be encouraged to work.

Days 8 to Tenth


*It is recommended to exercise at least two activities a day
*Activities can be repeated
*Tourists do not necessarily have to do the activities in an integral group Everyone can choose the activity they like
*Observation of pink dolphins.
*Visits to native communities.
*Rowing in canoes in the flood forest.
*Traditional and artisanal fishing.
*Observation of exotic birds.
*Jungle walks with native guides.
*Walks to the lakes surrounding the reserve.
*Night out watching alligators.
*Bath in natural pools.
*Sighting of fauna and flora of the area.

Day 11

Last day

*After breakfast I return to Leticia.
*Free time to buy handicrafts
*Transfer to the airport.


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*Airline tickets.
*Tax of entry to Leticia.
*Extras not stipulated.
*Tips and other expenses of a personal nature.
*Does not include the canopy.
* The canopy has a cost of 70 thousand per pax.
*Does not include entry to native communities.
*Approximately 10 thousand per person for each community.
*Does not include bilingual guide.


*Transfer Airport Embarcadero Airport
*River transportation round trip to the reserve
*River Transportation according to the activities
*Specialized tourist guide
*Entries to the stipulated sites
*Other activities according to the Plan
*Full feed
*Fruits of the region
*Mineral water during activities
*Tinto and juices during the day


*Grooming items
*Personal towel For Heliconia reservation
*Pants or shorts, swimsuit and T shirts
*A flashlight per passenger
*Hat or cap
*Long pants and long sleeve shirts
*Rubber or tennis boots for hiking in the jungle
*Binoculars for wildlife observation
*Repellant sunscreen
*Other elements at personal discretion


* At the time of booking, it is necessary to send by email the names and identification number of the
* The operator heliconia is NOT responsible for expenses generated by the non-Presentation of the documents required to travel.
* Rates subject to change without notice.


LETICIA, Street 19 4b-17
Amazonas, Colombia.


  • +57 311 508 5666

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